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Shawn Mendes is a Canadian born singer-songwriter, and he has recently exploded onto the pop music scene. He has released two albums, 'Handrwitten' and 'Illuminate'. Both albums debuted atop of the US Billboard 200, with the first one making Mendes one of five artists to ever debut at number one before the age of eighteen. Not bad eh?!

  • Fallin All In You
    This Shawn Mendes track has a sort of Ed Sheeran feel to it, and contains some really lovely guitar parts that we can learn. As well as the acoustic percussive main part, we also have a cool electric guitar part that will challenge beginners to really push their chord knowledge!

  • In My Blood
    This guitar driven pop track from Shawn Mendes is a great example of how to layer up a track using various guitar parts and a lot of dynamics! The guitar part that drives the track is a lot of fun to learn, then if you love a bit of distortion you can go to town on the chorus!

  • Because I Had You
    As well as the main riff that loops throughout the song, there are also some nice effect driven guitar fills and parts that can be quite rare to hear in modern pop music.