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With this course we move away from guitar maintenance and start in the intricate world of guitar set ups! In this series we look at how to set your neck relief so that you have a nice straight neck that will allow your guitar to play and feel the best it can. We look at the two main types of necks and exactly how to adjust them depending on the problems you are facing.

  • What is neck relief?
    As we step into the world of guitar set ups, our first task is to explain what neck relief is and why you would need to adjust it. Luckily, we have James Collins and our resident gear head, Chris, with us to guide you through the process!

  • Adjusting Fender Style Neck
    Now we have established the basic idea of neck relief, James and Chris will walk through exactly how you adjust the neck relief on a fender style guitar. Adjusting the truss rod is something people are often worried to do, but it is really very simple.

  • Gibson Style Adjustment
    We will conclude this series on neck relief by demonstrating how to adjust the relief on a Gibson guitar. It's a great opportunity to go through the process again but with a different style of guitar.