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John Mayer is the modern day guitar hero, and as students, we have a lot we can learn from this guitar master. John Mayer combines his blues guitar playing roots, with a love for well-written pop music to create unique and perfectly produced albums that have crossed the divide between 'guitar music' and popular music. In our Song Jukebox section, we break down a range of his songs and learn how to play them like John Mayer!

  • New Light
    This 80's inspired track is a beautiful meld of John Mayer's mastery of various genres. The track consists of a 4 chord loop, some funky picking parts and chord grooves, escalating to a really tasteful and beautifully played guitar solo. This track has everything, and in this guitar lesson Dan breaks it all down for you!

  • Gravity
    This song is a real masterpiece from his album Continuum. The song, for the most part, just features two chords and some beautiful guitar parts. As we hit the chorus, we look at the intricate chord shapes and the theory behind the changes. Thomas walks you through every aspect of this song in two videos, so get ready to learn!

  • Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
    For us here at YGA, this song is the stand out track from the album Continuum by John Mayer. It simply has everything. Great melodic riffs, cool chords, the Hendrix style approach and a fantastic guitar solo. Thomas walks you through the whole thing bit by bit!

  • Belief
    This classic John Mayer track from the album Continuum has an awesome guitar riff that is a must learn for any Mayer fans. Simone takes you through the main section, the groove and guitar solo for the track to ensure you have every part learnt!