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Intonation is the process of getting your guitar as close to perfectly in tune across the whole neck. When you tune normally you are getting the open strings in tune, but as you fret notes across the guitar there can be tuning issues. Intonation helps us to remove these issues. In this course James and Chris masterfully guide you through the science and practical elements of intonation, which is something you can easily adjust at home.

  • What is Intonation?
    Our first task is to explain what intonation is, which does involve understanding the concept of scale length and how guitar fretboards work. James skillfully and expertly guides us through these concepts to give a complete understanding of exactly what intonation is.

  • Adjusting Intonation on a Strat
    In our first demonstration we show you how to adjust intonation on a Fender style bridge. The process doesn't require any fancy tools, just a tuner and a small screwdriver. You can easily do this at home to your own guitars.

  • Adjusting Intonation on a Gibson
    Next up- Gibson style bridges! Once again, James and Chris walk you through the full process in a step by step manner, talking science along the way!