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When your guitar sits in the corner of the room looking shiny and polished, it almost calls you to go and pick it up! Well in this section we look at a variety of different styles of guitar and how to finish them and bring them up to a perfect shine without damaging any finishes. We check out a poly, nitro and vintage finish, as well as look at acoustic guitars. This is a masterclass in perfection!

  • Different Finishes
    We kick off the course with an introductory chat about the different types of finish there are out there. The finish of your guitar will determine how you clean it, so it is important to identify yours.

  • Poly Finish Cleaning
    Let's now get down to the actual task of cleaning some guitars! We start in this demonstration with a cool poly finished white Fender Stratocaster. James and Chris take you through the dos and don'ts of cleaning this style of finish.

  • Nitro Finish Cleaning
    We will now look at cleaning a nitro finished guitar. The fact that it is a more subtle and light finish, means that you have to be equally more subtle in your cleaning of it.

  • Vintage Cleaning
    We will now move onto to look at how to clean vintage instruments. Extra care should be taken as the finish is often much more delicate as a result of years of use and they are often quite valuable. James masterfully walks you through the process.

  • Acoustic Cleaning
    Just as with electrics, acoustics can have a nitro or poly finish. James walks you through how to approach cleaning up an acoustic guitar, no matter the finish. Once again, we look at the best product to use and how to use it!