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The best thing about learning to play funk guitar is that you will have so many new tools in your guitar playing arsenal that you can apply to all kinds of genres. We tackle the rhythms, chords, lead lines and subtleties you need to play in this style.

  • Lesson 1 - Dominant 9th Chords
    In this first lesson we take a look at two shapes for the dominant 9th chord. This is a great introduction to funk chords as it is used so often. We then apply the chord to a cool funky groove.

  • Lesson 2 - 16th Note Strumming
    In our second lesson we take a look at the most essential rhythm style in funk playing, the 16th note subdivision. As always, we will back up all the theory and teaching with a cool song to practice your new groove on!

  • Lesson 3 - Major Triad Chords
    In the third lesson of this course, Simone shows us how to use 3 note triad chords to their fullest in funk music. Think major chords are boring and too easy, think again! You'll fall back in love with major chords after this lesson!