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In this series James Collins works with Chris to show you all the tips, tricks and techniques to keeping your fretboard playing perfectly. Keeping a healthy fretboard will ensure your guitar always feels great to play. No matter what level you are at, this is an essential piece of maintenance that anyone can do at home.

  • Cleaning Rosewood Fretbaords
    We kick off this course with a masterclass in cleaning a rosewood fretboard. Rosewood makes up a very high percentage of dark fretboards, so if you have a darker board then it's likely that it's rosewood and this video will be perfect for you!

  • Fret Polishing (Part 1)
    Now the fretboard is all cleaned up, we will look at how to properly polish the frets. A polished fret will make all the difference when it comes to how your guitar feels to play, and is nice and easy to do at home!

  • Fret Polishing (Part 2)
    With all the theory and talk out of the way, we now move onto the practical! James and Chris take you through exactly how to polish up your frets in a step-by-step manner, specifically on a rosewood fretboard.

  • Cleaning Maple Fretboards
    There is a big difference between rosewood (dark fretboards) and maple (light fretboards) when it comes to maintenance. In this lesson, James and Chris walk you through how to approach cleaning a maple fretboard properly.

  • Fret Polishing Maple Boards
    With the fretboard clean up done and the frets looking good, it's time to make them look and feel great! This process is identical to the rosewood neck, except these frets are in better condition, so we approach it a little differently.