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In this maintenance course, James Collins and Chris take you through how to clean the electrics in your guitar. We look at Fender style, Gibson style and a few others to show you how to fix those annoying crackles you often get on guitars. This is some great information that could easily save you a guitar tech bill, and it's so simple with just some basic tools.

  • Fender Style Guitar
    We kick off this series by talking about the benefits of cleaning your electrics, as well as walking you through a demonstration of how to clean the electrics on a Stratocaster style guitar.

  • Gibson Solid Body Style
    We will now be looking at solid body, Gibson style guitars. Generally, with a Gibson style guitar, you access the electrics via a plate on the rear of the guitar, as opposed to by removing a plate on the front.

  • Gibson Hollow Body Style
    We now move onto hollow body style guitars, which can be the most fiddly when it comes to cleaning the electrics as you can't directly access them. Instead, you use a simple trick to get the job done!

  • Fender Tele Style
    To finish off our series on cleaning electrics, we will look at the Telecaster! Much like the Strat, the Tele has a control plate to which the wiring is attached, allowing easy access to all of the controls.