Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Dire Straits Style Backing Track in G#m

This backing track is based heavily on John's Continuum style album. The track is in the key of C# minor, and you can basically use your C# minor pentatonic scale all the way through to get that John Mayer vibe!

Scales: C#m scales

Your best bet over this backing track is to play using the C# minor Pentatonic scales, as well as the C# minor natural scales, both of which are shown below. If you would also like to play a few arpeggios around the chord shapes, they are also outlined below. Have fun!

C# Minor Pentatonic

C# Minor Scale

Chords: 4 Chord fun

This track uses a combination of major and minor 7th chord shapes. These are just examples of how we would typically play those chords over this track, but you can use any shapes you like.

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John Mayer Cool in C# Minor

This John Mayer track is based around two tunes - Waiting On The World To Change and Human Nature. It's got a really beautiful chord progression and the C# minor pentatonic scale will get you all the way with it!