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Our weekly show, 'Another Guitar Show', has gone down so well that we're making a second season... 12 more guaranteed episodes released every Sunday. You can find the full write up, including tab, chords and necessary links for each show, right here.

  • Episode 13 - Learn Guitar Licks in the style of Slash, Page, Mayer and Gilmour
    In this episode of AGS Andy and Thomas take you through a wide of range of classic rock licks, inspired by some of the greatest crock players ever. We take a look at Slash, Mayer, Gilmour and Jimmy Page, and give you a lick in the style of those players.

  • Episode 14 - Ear Training Special
    In this lesson andy and Thomas talk about how you can get better at working out songs by ear. We cover a bit of theory as well as practical and easy to apply advise that will fundamentally improve your ear training.

  • Episode 15 - How To Sound Better
    In this episode Andy and Thomas talk about how a range of techniques, such as vibrato, bends and legato, can help you phrase and inevitably ensure that you sound better!

  • Episode 16 - How To Jam
    Today Andy and Thomas will be talking about jamming! We all love the idea of meeting up with friends, or band members, picking up the guitar and jamming away for hours... But how do you actually do it? The boys have some great tips in this episode.

  • Episode 17 - Q&A Special 1
    In this episode Andy and Thomas answer all of your questions from a recent Instagram post on Andy's channel. We talk theory, sight reading, bass guitar and much more!