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Once you have the neck relief how you want it, we can then work on the action of the guitar. The action is simply your string height, and depending on the guitar there are different procedures to getting it right. We will be coming from a pro guitar set up angle, and therefore will need some simple tools to get nice and accurate. As always, James Collins will be walking you through this masterclass in action height.

  • What is Action Height?
    In our first video, Chris and James have a great conversation about the action on the guitar and how much of a difference it can make. This is important to understand before we start demonstrating how to adjust the action in the next part.

  • Adjusting action on a Gibson
    James and Chris now start to demonstrate exactly how you measure and adjust action on a Gibson style guitar. To measure action effectively, you will need a few tools, which the guys will walk you through in this lesson.

  • Action Height on Fender Style
    We complete our action how series by looking at the more complicated Fender style bridge. This style of bridge allows adjustments to every single string, rather than just the simple low and high from the Gibson bridge.