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Ditto Music / 2016

St Albans up-and-comers Alexis Kings have clearly decided there's no point waiting around for fellow Kings (of the Leon variety) to drop another record, when they can just make their own instead. But while singer Brendan Aherne's earnest vocals have more than a touch of Leon about them, new track "Squire" is a hell of a lot more restrained and human than the Nashville titans' recent stadium-toss.

Displaying a high level of polish, and a good understanding of their own strengths, this is a confident, assured offering. The shimmering, spidery guitar riffs, the gospel flourishes, the beat's hypnotic shuffle - there's plenty to love here. "Squire" is a fine single, and an impressive landmark on Alexis Kings' undeniably ambitious quest to make the UK a sunnier place for everyone.

- Andy West

Squire EP - Alexis Kings

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