Guitar Lessons

Welcome to the team!

We've just completed another training day with three exceptional guitar tutors, and we're excited to introduce them to you and start sending them students. They will all be teaching in London, and more specifically we have Patrick in Brixton, Tiz in Holloway and Tarik in Harrow. Welcome to the team guys!

Our training days are hosted by Ollie (Director of Tuition) and Chris (Director) who skillfully guide the new tutors through the YGA lesson system, our course material and use their years of experience teaching guitar to offer advice and guidance for any situation. This is not a one-off either, the training carries on via Skype every week to ensure that our tutors continue to teach at the highest level.

Active musicians as well as tutors

All of our tutors are also active guitarists and musicians. In our opinion, this only makes them better teachers. They love music, they have a huge amount of experience in the music industry and this love and excitement about music feed into their lessons with their students. The lessons have a lot of energy and our students really respond to that. So, when you have 3 amazing musicians in a room full of guitars and amps, the inevitable always happens! The jam!

If you would like to start guitar lessons in London, then we can help! Simply visit our guitar lessons London page and get in touch via the web form, mobile or landline. As well as the three we just finished training, We have fantastic tutors all across London so that we can find a convenient location for you. Can't wait to hear from you!

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