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Thank You Rupna!

Franco, our guitar tutor based in Hoxton, London, sent us this picture in last week. The chocolates came from his student Rupna, who is enjoying her lessons so much that she felt the need to say thank you with a lovely gift! To be honest, we're not surprised as Franco is a truly top class tutor, and all of his students absolutely love their lessons with him.

Rupna has had almost 20 lessons with Franco, and is making some unbelievable progress. In her first lesson with Franco she was almost a total beginner, having trouble with the D major chord and putting songs together. Fast forward just a few months and she is playing through her favorite songs, can strum confidently, change between all the open chords and is working on her barre chords!

Guitar Tutor Franco

Franco, originally from Paris, has been teaching the guitar for years and has developed a style that combines his laid back personality, along with his desire to push his students to achieve their goals and more! Alongside Franco's skill as a tutor, the YGA guitar course material provides you with a structure that Franco will tailor to your precise needs, ensuring you enjoy every lesson and learn quickly.

If you would like to book a trial lesson with Franco then please get in touch via our contact page and we'll arrange a £10 no obligation trial at a time that suits you.

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