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Skype lesson review

Thankk you Parmjit for submitting such a cool review for your Skype lessons. In the review, Parmjit references not only the great teaching but also our unique, custom built system that allows students to progress even faster with their playing. We'll let the review speak for itself, so check it out below:


"Great lessons and materials. They are able to asses your skill level very quickly and then start concentrating on the things you would find most interesting. They have their own guitar material with worksheets and videos that are given during the lessons, plus anything your teacher can cobble together and scan in, which makes it very easy to go back and check what you need to do for next week lessons. There is a lot of attention to detail given to their website also. For example you can look at all your previous lessons so you can see what you have learned. I will be using these guys for a long time, great service and would recommend to anyone."

If you would like to see more of our Skype guitar lessons then please click here, or if you want to get in touch to book your guitar lessons with any of our top Skype tutors, and specifically your £10 trial lesson, please get in touch via that page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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