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Monday Chart Hits is a brand new series from YGA, where each week we take a current hit track and give it a cool acoustic makeover to show you how to play it on the guitar!

For Drake's all-conquering chart-topper "One Dance", our arrangement is all about mimicking the track's distinctive piano stabs. We stick to pretty basic barre chord shapes for a nice full sound, but the right hand is a little more complicated. We use the thumb on the 1st beat to hit the root note of the chord, then stab the chord on the offbeats using the rest of your fingers. So, if you were counting “1 e and a 2 e and a 3 e and a 4 e and a” (16th note count) the thumb is on the “1” whilst the two hits are on the “e” and “a” after the one! Have fun!


In this version we start by adding a capo to fret 1. This allows us to use the basic chords Am, C and Dm for most of the song. We also simplify the strumming pattern by adding a basic picking idea that works well with the song! Check out the chords and tab below.

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Monday Chart Hits
Guitar Lessons

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