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The main Riff

Let's kick off by learning the main lead part that we have written in a John Mayer style. This lead part utilises the C#m pentatonic scale shape 1 & 2, and also uses the CAGED chord system. If you are interested in learning more about the CAGED chord system, in order to fully understand this lesson, please check out this course, followed by this course. In the meantime, here is the tab:

The Groove & Chords

Another important part of this lesson is learning the chords and groove. Dan breaks down the groove nice and clearly in the video, and the chords that he uses for that section are shown here. Remember, you can use any version of these chords you like, but these are the shapes we recommend to use to start with.

    Keep Learning: John Mayer Player study

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love John Mayer and really want to work on getting his sound, including how to play in his acoustic style, his electric style and his bluesy style, you’re in luck! We have a full player study that is, as with all our course, 100% free and ready for you to use, including interactive tab! See the course here: How To Play Like John Mayer.
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