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What are dynamics?

In this video we take a look to see just how Jimmy Page so masterfully uses dynamics in his solo. dan makes the argument that he uses speed and volume changes as a dynamic, rather than just volume. During a simple lick, Jimmy Page will add changes in volume and changes in speed to create an almost wave-like sound that provides the dynamic energy in the track. Dan uses two example licks to demonstrate this point. To help you out in learning the licks, here are the scale shapes we are using.

C Minor Pentatonic (5 Shapes)

C Minor Scale (5 Shapes)

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    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love a bit of Zeppelin and Jimmy Page, then check out our full 24 lesson Jimmy Page player study. We take you through how to play lead, chords and rhythm in his style, as well as talk about how to get his tone and sound. It's a great fun course and even features an interactive tab to help you learn. All 100% free as always! See the course here: How To Play Like Jimmy Page.

Jimmy Page, Dynamics

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