Guitar Lessons

Brand new tutors in London

We've got an exciting day ahead, with three new tutors starting today! As with all of our tutors, we always kick off with a training day, where we bring the tutors up to speed! We cover everything from our unique guitar lesson system, up to date teaching techniques and we even squeeze in a good old fashion jam session!

This time round we have new tutors in London, and we're very excited about all of them. We have just completed a round of interviews and these guys really stood out from the crowd of tutors and guitar players we interviewed. They had experience and a real talent for teaching that definitely stems from their ability to communicate and break down complicated ideas into simple ones.

Our teaching system

One of the major things we go through in our training sessions is how to use our teaching system. Not only do we have the course material to work through, so that all of our students have a clear path to success, we also have custom built apps that allow our tutors to build chords, write tab and even draw out strumming patterns online.

This system is how our students communicate with our tutors, and is a personalised gateway where they will find all of their course material, lesson notes and feedback. We're very proud of this system, and our focus in the training day is showing our tutors how to use it properly and show them how beneficial it can be to their future students.

So, by the end of today these tutors will be ready to teach, and will be official Your Guitar Academy tutors! If you are in the London area and looking to learn guitar then you may want to check out our guitar lessons london page where you can find all the details on our lessons and get in touch to book your trial lesson!

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