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The Technique

The basic idea of hybrid picking is to use both the pick and your fingers, combining the strengths of both of those styles, into one awesome style! your first step will be to get your right hand feeling comfortable holding the pick and plucking the strings with your other fingers. By slowly going through these exercises, you will start to feel more comfortable with it. In the video, we kick off with the lead part.

The Lead Part

The lead section is based around Pentatonic Box 2, and uses an additional blues note to spice it up a little. The lick is essentially based around a simple sequence running through that scale shape. Below you can find the scale shape written out, as well as the tab.

The Rhythm Part

The chord section uses a 4 chord loop. We go from D major, C#m7, Bm7 and D major again. The actual key of the song is D major, but we use a C#m7 rather than a C#m7b5, which would be the natural chord of the key. This is a relatively common switch that adds a bit of a twist, or interest, to a basic chord pattern. The D major pentatonic will still work beautifully well. Below are the chords and the tab.

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