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In this lesson we are learning the main parts of the song 'Man In The Mirror', including the verse and chorus sections. The only thing we are not looking at is when the key changes towards the end of the song. Simone has created a beautiful arrangement for acoustic guitar of this Michael Jackson classic and we will spell out all of the chord voicings below. Take your time and pay close attention to the notes Simone is picking with his picking hand in the video. As always, above all else, have fun!

The Verse Chords

For the verse we are using chord shapes along with the important melody note on the B string (D note) that rings through the whole section. This is common practice for acoustic arrangement - Find the chords first, then alter the chords to add the melody note on the higher strings.

The Bridge Chords

As we move through to the bridge section, we change the chords completely and use more shapes moving up the neck, including more barre chord shapes! Here are the selection of chords in the rough order they are played.

The Chorus Chords

The final part is the chorus (where MJ is singing "I'm talking with the man in the mirror"). In this section we have another variation of chords that we need to learn, including the classic 'Hendrix' chord! Here are those chord shapes.

The Structure

Finally we need to learn the structure of the song! We use a method of chord chart that you may or may not have seen in the past (shown below). If you have never seen this and don't understand, please check out this beginners course: Beginners Acoustic Course Part 1 (100% free, as with all our courses). NOTE: For the D major chord you can either use the one above (Dadd9/11) or just a simple D major chord. They both work well.

The Intro

G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// ////

The Verse

G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// //// G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// ////

G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// //// G / D/F# / Em7 / D / C /// ////

The Bridge

Am7 /// Bm7 /// C /// Bm7 /// Am7 /// Bm7 /// C /// D ///

The Chorus

G / G/B / C / D / G / G/B / C / D /

G / G/B / C / A/C# / D7#9 /// ///

As you get further through the song just keep an ear open for double choruses and eventually the key change (after the second chorus) where the whole song moves up by one semi-tone (from the key of G major to G# major). But, this is for another lesson!

And there we have it! If you love this lesson and love Simone's style then he is available for guitar lessons in London or via Skype. If you are interested please get in touch for guitar lessons london or Skype guitar lessons. Have fun!

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