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Playing Over An 8 Bar Blues

This example solo will give you a really great set of ideas you can use over an 8 bar blues. The main thing to notice is that the solo relies on knowing the backing track inside out. We are targeting specific chord movements as well as playing in a general Bb blues key (using the major and minor pentatonic scales). As a reminder, here is the backing track we are playing over:

Bb7 /// Bb7 /// Eb9 /// Edim7 /// Bb7 /// F9 / Eb9 / (Turnaround: Bb7 / Eb9 / Bb7 / F9)

The Scales

As for the scales we are using, we base most of the soling around the Bb minor pentatonic shapes combined with the Bb major pentatonic shapes. You can find these all drawn out below. We also throw in a really cool E Diminished 7th arpeggio when we are playing over that chord. Again, these shapes are below. Use the dropdown selector below to choose the scale.

The Tab

Below is the full tab for you to work through. Try to one lick at a time, get it to a good pace, and then move onto the next. Once you've learnt the second lick, try to combine the first two licks and move through the tab like that.

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