Tutor Training Day December 2017

This month we've had 4 new tutors starting with us, based in London and Bristol. We have Connor (South West London), Yuki (North London), Amy (Bedminster in Bristol) and Adam (also Bristol). Every single tutor has been handpicked from over 30 applications over the past few weeks, and today they get the YGA training experience!

In the training we cover everything the tutors need to teach to the best of their abilities. We go over the YGA online system, how to properly manage their diaries, how to teach our course material and how to go the extra mile with every single student. All the guys absolutely loved the presentation, and their questions and engagement really shone through, reassuring us that we had made the right choice with this new group of tutors.

As for their playing skills, wowzers! We have a massive range of talents on display today. Amy with her percussive acoustic skills, Adam a master of jazz, Connor shredding all over the neck and Yuki a clear master of the blues. We will almost certainly be using these guys for future online lessons as well as helping us to improve our advanced course material even further. Watch this space for more info, and check out some of the pics below as well!

We offer a no obligation £10 trial lesson to allow you to come along and meet the tutors. For all the information and to book your lesson, check out our guitar lessons london page.

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