Exciting News!

We're excited to announce that Your Guitar Academy are now providing guitar lessons for The Guitar Magazine. This UK wide guitar magazine has a massive reach, and we are so happy that they loved our lessons and asked us to work with them. We will be providing a brand new song lesson every week, featuring our top tutors.

We've been chatting to their team over the last few weeks, refining the idea. The team at The Guitarist Magazine, made up of some very talented guitarists and writers, are super cool! We've been back and forth trying to decide the best format for the lessons, which will feature on their YouTube channel and main website. The shots you see on this page are taken from our test video which we all agree came out great.

Dion & The Silver Sky!

For the test video we were asked to do a lesson on John Mayer's Gravity. We brought the very talented Dion (pictured above) in to teach the lesson, and he did not disappoint. The lesson is clear, structured and looks great! Dion is a fantastic guitar tutor who effortlessly breaks down complicated ideas and lead lines into bitesize chunks, making them easy to digest and quick to learn. He's also an unbelievable guitar player... as you'll soon find out!

Recognise the guitar in the pic?! Well, that's the brand new Silver Sky by PRS. This is John Mayer's new signature guitar and Dion was able to take it for a spin. It really didn't disappoint. It has had many critics online, but we thought the guitar was well built, sounded great and was relatively easy to play. TO be honest, though, we're pretty sure Dion could make a £30 Argos guitar sound good!

Stay tuned...

We'll keep you updated with the release of this video and the rest with The Guitar Magazine. For now though, if you would like to find out just how good Dion is, check out our Skype guitar lessons page. We can arrange a £10 trial lesson online with Dion, or any of our Skype guitar tutors. Speak to you soon!

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