Tutor Training Days

Here at YGA we are also striving to improve what we offer, and a huge part of our business is the course material that the tutors teach from. If you are a student of YGA then you know just how big a difference it makes to your progression to have a well-structured course to follow, and it is therefore very important that we constantly keep it fresh and updated.

Let's Get Inspired!

We currently have 50 guitar tutors working with us across the UK, and each of them has a unique and individual style of teaching. In these sessions, we are able to get the best techniques, ideas, and concepts from each of our tutors and add them to the courses. Every tutor brings so much passion and creativity to the table that it creates an amazing atmosphere for learning, and everyone gets something out of the experience.

Two HQ's In The UK

with tutors spread across the UK in Brighton, Guildford, London, Bristol, Exeter, Birmingham, and Cardiff, it is important that we can get as many of them to group training as possible. Skype allows us to do regular one-to-one sessions, but group sessions are really where the magic happens. We, therefore, have two main center's, one South of London, and one in Bristol.

It's very exciting and interesting for us to see the difference in lesson styles across the various regions, and all of this information helps us to tailor the lessons better to the individual students needs.

Jamming is inevitable...

All of our tutors are full time guitar teachers, and it is sometimes easy to forget that they are also incredible guitar players and gigging musicians. What happens when you get a group of guitarists in a room together with loads of cool gear... jamming! Check out our Instagram account for all the videos of our tutors jamming away and showing off to each other!

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