An inspiring guitar tutor...

One of our newer students in Brighton is Andy Guitar! Andy is one of the most famous internet guitar teachers, with a subscriber total of around 750K and growing by the tens of thousands every month. He agreed to meet with me on Skype and have a chat. We recorded the whole thing and will be releasing on our YouTube channel and website in the next few days!

We talked about everything from his early days as a tutor and guitarist, all the way up to his latest projects, the new app he's working on and advice for those starting in the business. Currently living in Brighton, we had a lot in common (I lived in Brighton for 10 years) and it was great to also find out how the music business is still thriving in the South of England.

The full chat.

We had a basic recording set up running whilst we were chatting, so we have the whole conversation on film! Any fans of Andy's will absolutely love it as we get a real insight into how his channel became what it is, as well as his past work and family life. He's a lovely guy and we'll be releasing the full video, as well as smaller cuts of the video, for our YouTube channel and website. Watch this space!

One thing we both agreed on in the chat was that Skype guitar lessons were a fantastic offering in the modern world. Between us, we teach students from countries all over the world and highly recommend the format. If you are interested and want to find out more about Skype guitar lessons, click here.

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