Thank you Vintage guitars!

After our last set of videos where Jorma played 3 Vintage guitar models, the powers that be at JHS (the Vintage supplier) have sent us 10 more guitars to play! These guitars are great because they are perfect for our students. They play well, feel amazing and look amazing... Plus they are crazy cheap for the price.

This time round we had a much wider variety of toys to play with! We had Strats, Super Strats, Teles, pointy looking guitars, Les Pauls, Les Paul Jr's... We had 'em all! Chris and Jorma set up the studio for what can only be described as any professional guitarists dream day out... Playing loads of new guitars really loud!

Jorma steals the show again

Just as before, we asked Jorma down to demo these guitars. He is an incredibly talented guitarist and musician, and when he plays you seriously listen. Here is a man who doesn't need a backing track! The rhythm runs through him, just as with the great bluesmen of the past, he can play single note lead lines and we still find ourselves tapping our feet to them.

Keep watching this space and subscribe to our Facebook and YouTube channels as we will be, one by one, releasing these videos so you can all see just how good these guitars sound! Remember that, as a student of Your Guitar Academy, you get a massive discount on any of the guitars bought through our shop, so check it out here: Vintage Guitar Online Shop.

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