Spreading the word...

Over the past few months we've been working with The Guitar Magazine to produce the tuition content for their YouTube channel and website. We have had great fun working out songs and producing the videos! One of the pay-offs for us is advertising in their magazine, underneath the tutorial section. How cool does it look?!

We're hoping this will allow us to spread the word about our online guitar lessons, as well as our 1-2-1 lessons across the UK. So many students turn to YouTube or other guitar sites when they start learning, and we want people to see just how good the content is on our site and that free doesn't mean professional. We are the first "freemium" brand guitar company for online lessons, and we have content ranging from beginner to intermediate, John Mayer to Dimebag Darrell, and so much more.

Latest Video

This week we sent The Guitar Magazine a great video teaching through the intro for Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Pride & Joy'. This song is a masterclass in Texas blues playing and how to really 'dig in' and get a great bluesy sound. Dan takes you through the rhythm and the opening lead, includnig the theory behind the track. It's great fun and can be found here.

If you love SRV and want to learn all about how to play like the Texas blues master, check out our SRV guitar lessons. We have a 24 lesson, in depth player study that will show you exactly how to take SRV's style and apply it to your own playing. Enjoy!

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