A song a day keeps the doctor away!

Over the past few weeks we have been slowly introducing our new format video lessons that we call 'Song Jukebox'. This live feel format, with very little editing, has a totally different vibe to our studio courses that we film, and we've been getting some great feedback from the lessons. Our aim, produce a new song video every single day for our loyal students!

This brand new format allows us to do exactly that, produce one new video a day ready for you guys to learn something new. We have spent a lot of time setting up the correct camera gear, lighting and recording material in some of our top tutors home studios, and you can see the results are great. The result of this hard work means that our amazing tutors can simply jump on camera anytime they like and start filming a new lesson for you. Whether it's a brand new pop tune the latest John Mayer masterpiece or a classic guitar solo, the lessons will come thick and fast and they'll be something for everyone.

Here are a few of the most recent lessons for you to take a look at. Be sure to scroll down the pages also to see the full write-ups including chord diagrams and strumming patterns where needed.

Apply Your New Knowledge To Songs

We will still be filming our main courses - 'Guitar Skills', 'Player Studies', 'Guitar Gym', 'Theory Lab' in the main YGA studio with the full, and somewhat glorious, production value, but this new addition of Song Jukebox gives you a multitude of songs, both new and old, to apply the knowledge you've learnt in your courses. For example, let's say you've just learned the D, E and A major open chords. Well, now you can find song in our song jukebox that uses these chords, allowing you to instantly apply your knowledge and learn even quicker! How cool is that? Much more information to follow, and many site updates to make this even cooler.

Finally, a massive thank you to Simone, Ollie, Thomas and Dan for being the first tutors to take part in Song Jukebox. If you would like to book a guitar lesson with any of these guys either get intouch via our guitar lessons london page, or via our skype guitar lessons page. Speak to you soon!

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