Your wider guitar education!

We're excited to announce a new section to our website. We're calling it Guest Corner and it's a place where we can invite the best guitar players, tutors, makers and business people. We think it's an important part of your wider guitar education to hear from those who can inspire you to keep practising, keep working and keep loving music!

We've already been lucky enough to interview and work with some inspirational people. We've had James Collins, who is a master guitar builder and his brand James Collins Guitars is now spreading across the world. We've also met Andy Crowley (Andy Guitar) to have an awesome chat about how he became one of the most famous guitar tutors on the planet! We've also got some exciting plans in the pipeline with Andy, but more on that coming soon!

Why invite others into the world of YGA?

Our long-term aim with our site is to provide the complete learning experience to our students. We already offer one-to-one lessons in person and via Skype with the best tutors, we can find. We also offer free online courses and song lessons so that you can learn in your own time at home without spending a penny! Guest Corner will help you get a wider understanding of the music industry, different types of guitar players, styles and so much more! We want to open your mind and show you a behind the scenes of some of the most successful people in the music industry as a whole.

We will keep you updated as and when we have new guests in our Guest Corner, but in the meantime check out the amazing content we already have there! You can find the content on this page by simply scrolling down until you see Guest Corner: Guest Corner Lessons. Have fun!

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