Well Done Ioan!

A massive congratulations to Ioan who has just passed his first guitar grade with a 100% score! This is an amazing achievement as it is very rare to score 100% in any form of practical exam, especially guitar playing. We are absolutely sure that this is the first of many guitar grades, and it won't be long before he's taking Grade 8!

Here at Your Guitar Academy we are more than happy to take you through your graded exams if you would like a certificate to prove your guitar playing level. We don't recommend it for everyone, but for our younger students, it is great as it keeps them focused and even provides UCAS points when looking for Universities.

Well Done Dewi!

We should also say a massive thank you to Ioan's tutor, Dewi. Dewi has been teaching with YGA Cardiff for a few years now, and he has proven just how good a teacher he is. Whether he is taking you through the graded exams like this, following our course material, or finding a more unique path for other students, all we hear are rave reviews and amazing feedback. His positive energy and love for the guitar really rub off on his students.

If you would like to start guitar lessons in Cardiff, then we can help! Simply visit our guitar lessons Cardiff page and get in touch via the web form, mobile or landline. We have fantastic tutors all across Cardiff so that we can find a convenient location for you.

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